Graphic Designing
Brand Naming – Logo Design – Brochure Design – Product & Packaging Design – Corporate Identity System Design.
Suppose you want to announce or sell something, amuse or persuade someone, explain a complicated system or demonstrate a process. In other words, you have a message you want to communicate. How do you “send” it? You could tell people one by one or broadcast by radio or loudspeaker. That’s verbal communication. But if you use any visual medium at all-if you make a poster; type a letter; create a business logo, a magazine ad, or an album cover; even make a computer printout-you are using a form of visual communication called graphic design.
Which touch point of your brand does your customer encounter first? A name, a sound, a color? They are all part of your brand identity. Good design is the brand made tangible: it’s bought, sold, eaten, worn, heard, held.
Social Media Management
(facebook advertising – Instagram advertising – Twitter advertising – YouTube advertising).
Take your brand to a whole new level by immersing it on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Social Media is a new way to use the web, it involves jargon such as fringing, adding, tweeting, and commenting. The modern creative brands must be right there, even a step ahead of the curve, to provide value for the brands they are building.
Get custom Facebook, Twitter pages and YouTube Channels with interactive applications, tabs, tweets, likes and more. Your business can now have a unique brand on some of the world’s largest social media networks.
Marketing Plans
Creative & Implementing Media and Marketing Plans such as:
Newspaper – Buses – Radio FM & T.V Production & Publishing – Outdoor – Social Media – WhatsApp – SMS – Bulk Email – Digital Advertising – Press Release – Event Management – Branding – Roof Signs – LED Screens – etc.
WhatsApp Advertising
Ayaj Group are the pioneers of the bulk WhatsApp system in Kuwait; we have introduced the WhatsApp API system to minimize the cost of direct marketing. As the situation demands and the trend inquires, WhatsApp is one of the best and cost-effective marketing tool in Kuwait which allows you to exchange messages on your mobiles all over the world. Channels Media WhatsApp service includes more than 500,000 WhatsApp users contact details all over Kuwait.
Email and SMS Marketing
Engaging emails get customers in the door. Tell your patrons about specials, new products or services and upcoming events with Email Marketing Let them know there’s always something new and exciting at your business. Keep in touch to stay at the forefront of their mind. We make it simple by helping you craft the message and send out the mailing.
Look around. Your customers all have mobile phones. Send them a text with SMS Marketing and you can expect 97% of them to read your message, most within minutes! Use coupons and daily deals to drive same-day traffic to your company. Reach customers anywhere, at any time with any message. We show you how to harvest the power of mobile marketing and convert it into fast sales.
Digital Advertising
Digital is not a department or a discipline. It’s not a wall that keeps technologists in and the rest of out. It’s simply the reality of the communications marketplace. We plan and create within this medium with one single goal to create meaningful interaction.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Display Banners – Landing Pages – Mobile Advertisements – Innovation Platforms – Social Media Advertisements.
Website Designing
A website is the most significant requirement for any business in modern aggressive environment. No matter what kind of business you are offering, your website is the easiest and the best way to interact with your customers. This is the most effective and cheapest way to promote your business and to create a brand identity in order to present you in front of your potential customers. If you are into online business or an online service provider then your website is everything for you.
Developing a website that represents you or your business is a critical task. There are several benchmarks where your website has to perform. Therefore, when you look for a web design and development company you would always want to choose from the best of the best. You would also want to have one-stop service for all web design and development related task. The bridge between ideas and success. We are a creative and innovative web development firm that combines a distinct understanding of marketing strategies, with an expertise in delivery & communication.
Mobile Apps Development
What if your iPhone introduction app could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone and they beam it to their friends. What if your name and logo were a button on everyone’s iPhone? Channels Media can provide you easy solutions for creating an iPhone introduction app within days.
Custom home screen button – GPS direction-interactive map – Photo gallery – Speed dial button – Send app by SMS (texting), email, social networks – Video or Live Audio-Video Stream – Custom Backgrounds – Animated Logo, Title – Menu Choices – Facebook and Twitter Integration – International languages & many more!!!
Printed Materials

We have a strong background in printed material design that you can build and strengthen your brand as well as market services or products to targeted audiences.
Our design, layouts, and consistency can enhance project reports, newsletters and just about any printed matter. We suggest paper quality, supervise printing and deliver the final product to your specifications:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Signage
  • Book Covers
  • Project Reports
  • Publications
  • Newsletters
Advertising Services

We work confidently to give you the best in creative design and communication through appealing and well-executed advertisements that will entice your consumers.
We integrate unique above the line and below the line solutions to reach your client base with maximum impact within a specified budget:

  • Newspapers Advertisements
  • Buses Campaigns
  • Outdoor Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Press, TV, Radio Productions & Publishing
  • Banners
Corporate Identity Materials

Corporate identity of a company is an important element today with companies looking to establish themselves both locally and internationally.
When developing a Logo, we take into consideration the company history, future plans, and audience. It has to be practical, clear on all surfaces and sizes, gives a significant meaning as well as keep pace with future growth. We will carry this theme on all company stationery and identity material:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes